Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

What jackals do

I hate that I can't cheer Comey's firing, because I can't help wondering what Comey might have found in the Russian probe, and how a new FBI director picked by Trump might spin what they have more in Trump's favor. Yes, I think Comey screwed our election and helped turn the tide against HRC, but that doesn't mean Trump owned him. More fuckery.

And yesterday was so bright with Macron's win and Yates fierce unflagging testimony that was a joy to watch. So the timing of firing Comey may be a strategy that each loss for Trump, as yesterday was, must be followed by a quick power play to keep the opposition demoralized and off balance. Constant whiplash for the engaged resistance.

So angry. Not giving up--I would so love to see Yates run for office and keep fighting for the resistance.

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Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Do we know LJ's stand on Putin vs Russian resistance?

Although I prefer DreamWidth because they operate with integrity, I will continue to crosspost to LJ since I still have friends on LJ who won't come here, and for other reasons personal and political I will elaborate below.

I don't understand all the legalize of the TOS change on LJ, but as I understand it, I don't think it compromises my USian privacy anymore than it did before. It's no worse and probably better than Facebook. And even Dreamwidth can't protect me from a skilled and determined hacker gunning for me, so when I post privately, I do it with the understanding that what I post under lock can at some time be revealed against my will, and write accordingly.

I don't like being treated rudely as LJ staff just did with the stupid sign-and-then-we'll-unlock-your-LJ trick, but that's nothing new with LJ--they just find new and creative ways to be rude all the time out of disregard for us English language users/assumed Westerners because we are a minuscule constituency of users for them compared to their Russian base, and I suspect they resent our influence and I can't blame them for that. Facebook does like crap without the Western hegemonic provocation issues. I'm not going to hold Russians accountable for being rude to English language users as English language users without knowing more about this bunch than I do right now and what relationship they have to the regime that helped install a big orange tool in the White House.

As far as solidarity with Russian resistors go, as far as I know, LJ staff may be doing all they can to keep the service alive for them under Putin's regime. All the new rules seem to apply to Russian LJ's that have over 3000 members. Maybe they have been forced to do that by Putin's regime to negate large sites for resistance. However, my understanding is that the TOS changes made clear these rules do not apply to LJ's with fewer members, and that gives resistors ways to still disseminate info and connect, especially with smaller linked local sites. Until I find evidence that they are a tool of Putin, I'm going to assume they are allowing what room for resistance they can. And as long as that is a possibility, then I want to support them. The Russian resistance may still be able to use LJ as an avenue for connection--the more dispersed avenues the better. So support for LJ from outside the Russian regime might be a minuscule help to them.

If LJ/SUP turns out to be a tool of Putin's regime, the help we as outsiders are giving them is pretty minuscule as well, so I don't see reason to abandon ship over this latest wave. I just can't presume to know what effect LJ has for Russians, their member states, and their unhappily occupied territories in functioning under the new TOS and what use it will be to them.

I welcome opposing arguments from anyone who knows more about LJ's situation and politics than I do and can teach me. Yes, I am deliberately having this discussion in public; What'SUP, if LJ staffers happen to notice me here. :-P

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Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Racist- and Antisemite-in-Chief

I'm not going to mince words here: when Trump told a black woman reporter to go make a meeting between him and the CBC, he was saying "Girl, go get my coffee; you're my secretary and I own you." And that's in the capacity where "girl" stands in as demeaning of both blackness and sex. And "Are they friends of yours?" is "Don't all you people know each other?" with the emphasis on "YOU PEOPLE" as in "not MY people"--"you extraneous OTHERS!"

He's not stupid and he knows how racist he sounded because he knows he doesn't have the black vote anyway. And to play a racist in a power position is to be racist--there is no divide between role and self here. This is what racism looks like. And this is how a white racist models how to enact racism against a black woman for all his constituency. He's saying "keep those black people in their place" though black isn't the term he'd use. He's set to make us miss the days of aversive racism.

And in the form of bigotry that is antisemitism, the "sit down" which is "shut up because you Jews talk too much" and calling Turx "a liar" because "those Jews are sneaky"--Turx had a yarmulke on and so was visibly Jewish before he spoke.

Besides trying to entertain his alt-right neo-nazi base, and encourage them to keep on with the terror, he's realized he is not going to get anyone but the most right-winged of the Jewish community and doesn't care if he alienates the rest of us and is also encouraging violence against us by refusing to address the uptick in violence against Jewish community centers and synagogues while verbally abusing a Jewish reporter. You're insulting me, he says to the man he called a liar before he even spoke--the "YOU are, but what am I?" pre-emptive comeback that plays so well to his constituency.

Transcript of Trump Press conference

So yes, Trump is a practicing racist and antisemite. And he's called open season on Blacks and Jews now, as he has already on Muslims and Latina/os. Together we stand or not at all.

I just needed to get that out there. His "YOU are but what am I?" comeback strategy is so tiresome.

On with the all important investigations of his Russian ties and his taxes.

Let this not be the distraction he intended, so he can be put in the Time Out Room sooner than later.

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


I was supposed to go into HQ today, but I came down with a bug last night, so fed the cats in the morning, called my supervisor, and slept until early afternoon. Then I teleworked for a few hours with my organic space heater Tuxie scrunched next to me on the couch, and Moo not far away. I've been getting sick a lot the last several weeks with weakness, aches, and runny nose, but this one comes with a low fever and chills, just to be extra-special. Being able to telework and kitties make it better, though. I cancelled my breast MRI appt for tomorrow and rescheduled it for next week--good plan since my fever has been inching up a little all day. I plan to sleep a little later tomorrow and then telework, depending on what the fever decides to do.

Everyday the news is filled with new horrors. The road to impeaching Buttercup is opening up, but what will come behind him isn't any better--it's whether you want your horrors chaotically broadcasted, or slower, quieter horrors.

There have been ICE raids in Highlandtown, Baltimore--the agents wear jackets saying police, which is so misleading--and there was a big protest on Sunday, but I wasn't up to going,and probably won't be up for the ones coming up. But as my friend P says, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so there will, unfortunately, be plenty more opportunities to help, and every week is a good week to call one's legislators (unless you live in DC and don't get any representation, so you are pretty screwed). My state is kind of awesome. Go Attorney General Frosh! Go Maryland!

Sorry I haven't been posting much--I want to post more pics, but most of what I have to say lately isn't uplifting. Except for my fluffy cats! Go cats!

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Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Go Sweden!!!

This pic is of Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin of Sweden signing a climate bill, and yes, she IS trolling Trump, bless her! <3



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Sunday, January 29th, 2017

BWI Protest Against Muslim Refugee and Immigrant Ban

Back from the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) protest, and very tired and late for bed, but very glad I went and made my own sign this time. This was another high-spirited and peaceful protest of about 2000 people, with a nice split level effect, and shrubberies, too. I will post many more pics, along with the Annapolis rally from last week another day, hopefully; that's if Trump would just slow down wth the horridness a little so I'm not going to five more protests by next weekend . . .


And thank you to [personal profile] lbilover for the lovely icon.

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Airport Protests to support Immigrants and Refugees

Here's a list of airport protests around the US, UK and Canada to combat the Muslim ban and support Immigrants and refugees:


I'm going to try to go to the one at BWI this evening.

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

More Women's March Annapolis Pics

Here are more pics from Saturday's Women's March in Annapolis.

Adults and kids in purple and pussy hats and doggies heading down to the gathering spot at the city docks:


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Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Women's March Annapolis

I went to the Women's March in Annapolis, MD today. Annapolis is the state capital situated on the Chesapeake Bay. There were also marches in Maryland today in Baltimore, Frederick, and Ocean City. They only announced the Annapolis March last week, so it was impressive that we had 1,600 people attending our wee march.


People gathered at the City Dock at 11am. At about 11:15 we started marching across Market Square by the docks and then up West St to the State Building where we had a short rally. I couldn't hear or see the speakers. It all ended before 1 pm. Along the way I heard someone along the side complaining about us and then her companion next to her say, "Now you know if things were reversed, you'd be marching . . ." (-:


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Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Tossing our mortarboards into the air

OK, that helped. It did.

Professor-In-Chief Obama just gave us his best commencement speech and is sending us graduates out into the cruel, cruel world.

Where was Sasha though?

Sooooo it's looking more likely than ever that Trump might be impeached sooner than later. Four years of putting up with Pence . . . will that be more bearable . . . maybe--I dunno. All the health in the world to RBG, please.

May it be 2 years of an obstructionist minority Democratic Congress followed in 2018 with an effective Democratic majority. Thursdays I can make my phone calls . . .

I need some new SNL skits.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Happy T-Day and Happy Election Audits!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! I hope all who celebrate are having a good one. And to those who don't, OK, you can have a good day too. I'm so grateful to have all my friends here--I'm not sure how you all fit yourselves into my tiny macbook air, but I'm glad you did. <3

Another October pic I took by the lake.

I had a yummy T-Day meal with [personal profile] zlabya and her DH and her BF. I made my signature salad, and she made a yummy chicken, sweet potato casserole, and apple crisp. Excellent company to hang out with.

Auditing the Vote

If you missed the news, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for US President started raising funds yesterday to audit and recount the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Best comment ever reported as seen on twitter by [livejournal.com profile] ambree40: lanyard @lanyardigan 8h8 hours ago: Please, God: like Gollum, let Jill Stein have a totally unforeseen and critical purpose. :-D

I contributed yesterday and watching it grow has been so exciting--they're up to $4.3 million and counting. Go here if you want to contribute or just watch the donations flood in.

A decade back I was following the voting integrity push, belonged to Common Cause, and presented a paper to Congresspeople involved in the movement. When I canvassed for John Kerry down in Florida on election weekend, I listened to poll workers who saw voting machines flip their votes from Kerry to Bush.

We've made great strides in creating a paper trail in many districts in this country to check these problems, but paper backup ballots don't do any good if you never audit and take a look at them. It's just a gigantic green flag to hackers, Russian gov't connected or from anywhere, if they know we're not verifying the optical scanners by checking some of the paper ballots. We should be auditing a sampling of ballots in every state before we announce the count, and we should get used to not having instant gratification and wait a week or 3 before announcing a winner, as grueling as it would have felt to do that this year.

So, without getting my hopes too high that they will find something that will overturn the horrid results of this election (but seeing that Trump has a pattern of doing the things he accuses others of and Bannon is involved with data-mining operations, how could we not check this out), the recount here is just a needed thing to ensure the integrity of the vote. As long as we're having elections close enough that one side wins the electors and the other side the popular vote, vote audits should be made an automatic procedure through legislation. We're doing a good thing here, whatever the outcome of the recount.

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Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect

What the cast of Hamilton said to Pence last night was fabulous and well done and beautiful, and all over the front pages of all the news outlets, but why, oh why has mention of the fact that our President Elect just paid a settlement of $25 million for fraud and stealing millions from hopeful US victims already disappeared from the front page and headlines of the Washington Post?

PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP COMMITTED FRAUD. FRAUDSTER ELECT TRUMP. His lawyer's spin that he would have won if he fought it is bogus--a settlement is acceptance that he is guilty as charged.

We must not allow the facts to be buried, and this one needs to be highlighted as his conflict of interests are investigated and he tries to take the US and the whole world for a ride.

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Friday, November 18th, 2016

Hopeful things in the political morass the US got itself into

George Takei is wonderful, as usual, and writes the definitive op-ed on why what Trump backer Chris Higbie said was so evil. I'm also impressed and fangrrling Megyn Kelly, whose interview with Higbie is linked in Takei's essay, for not letting that comment slip by and highlighting it with the full loathing it deserves and that even any Fox News lover will get. There's a reason Trump tried to take her down, and he failed because she stood up to him, and she's being fabulous and making some changes in Fox News and what their viewers are exposed to. We'll see where she goes from here, but I'm glad to see her on our side for the present and that gives me hope.

I'm also glad Higbie went there and connected the Muslim registry plan with internment camps for us so we didn't have to--thank you, Higbie!!! This gives Dems and civil liberties advocates much more leverage to defeat Trump's plans to make Muslim Americans second class citizens. So go ahead, keep working with loose tongued bigots--make our day.

What Trump is doing with setting his cabinet is not going to fly when he is dealing with Congress and has to learn to share power with the other boys and girls, and that's when things will get really interesting. I'm hopeful it will go about as well as how he's run his businesses. And I am really hoping for big time buyer's remorse in 2018 from the mostly white minority of the public that voted for him and the Republicans he may or may not work with. When the buyer's remorse sets in, I expect they will start taking note of the disgusting things Trump and his minions are saying a little more, not a lot, but a little.

Also, I don't think the argument will really fly, but here's a petition urging the appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court you can sign. I really wish people were in the streets protesting in the spring when McConnell made clear the Republicans would block any appointment the President made, no matter how far to the right he bended--it would have been a more useful time than now, but any time is a start.

So I'm more hopeful on the political front today and I've got a Tuxie curled up next to me, took a beautiful walk around the lake, and will join a friend to see a local band play around the corner this evening. Yay Froday, my dears! <3

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Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Fighting White Supremacists/Neo-Nazis in US Govt

From a great snarky op-ed in the Washington Post about Steve Bannon by Alexandra Petri:

I have no doubt that a real racist sexist chauvinist white supremacist will be easy to spot. “I am coming for minorities now,” he will say. “I am an actual racist. I am, literally, Hitler, or at the very least Goebbels.”

Read the whole piece here. It's fun and thinky. And no, no giving him a chance--he's made himself perfectly clear already where he stands and it's hateful and a danger to democracy.

I called my Congresspeople, Senator Barbara Mikulski and Rep Steny Hoyer today to ask them to protest the appointment of Steve Bannon, that he has every right to publish alt-right screeds, but I do not want him in my government and how frightened to the core his being there makes me. As [livejournal.com profile] lbilover said we cannot allow them to normalize what Trump is doing, let alone white supremacists and neo-nazis as viable representatives of our democracy.

If you are feeling as anxious as me, please call your Congresspeople:


Thanks to [personal profile] rydra_wong for the quick links and she has many more good links on why it is better to call than email our Congresspeople or sign petitions, why it is better to call them at their state offices rather than the above linked DC offices, and script ideas in her post here. But just stick to calling the DC offices if doing the extra work to get the state offices will delay you or use up more spoons than you have.

Funding suggestions if you can spare it:

Good organizations to contribute to for protecting all of us and especially our most vulnerable and immediately threatened Dreamer kids and Muslim Americans are the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League.

And since I've been seeing sexist arguments on the left that it's too risky now to run a woman for president in the immediate future, block that noise and if you have more funds, contribute to Emily's List. Since Christian extremists have long been normalized in US government and are now in control, Planned Parenthood needs funds now more than ever.

Feel free to post other suggestions in comments.

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Monday, November 14th, 2016

November Farewell

I'm really sad about the untimely passing of Gwen Ifill. Her voice was part of the soundtrack for my maturing political awareness. What a hard week to pass on, but probably a hastener for letting go. Safe passage and rest in peace.

Light Beyond the Gate. Yesterday's sunset by the lake before the moonrise.

I watched the President's press conference, and his looking like he was controlling himself from laughing at how unprepared Trump is was kind of heartening, his "just wait--he wont' know what hit him" look. I really hope infighting will render him and his cabinet ineffectual in a way that lessons the harm they will try to enact. Hope is all we have.

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Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Kingmaker: a dark political ficlet

Just wrote a short ficlet about a meeting between Trump and his handlers November 9th and what the dynamic might be. It's pretty dark. Trigger warning for PG bondage imagery.

Kingmaker )

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Friday, November 11th, 2016

Oddly Comforting News About Non-voters

If the stats are good in this article (and that's a big "if" until we see more discussion on and examination of this, and the results are still not all in), only 55% of eligible voters bothered to vote in this election--the lowest turnout in 20 years.

The good news is that only a quarter of eligible voters voted for Trump, so less than a quarter of the population. So 3/4 of the US did not approve Trump nor wanted him. Most USians just stood by in their not-my-problem-field and let it happen. Which is really the US I know. And it's oddly comforting.

At least I will be oddly comforted by the part that was not the result of voter suppression efforts that kept people of color from getting to the polls. And I really want to find out who is doing the best work to investigate all cases of voter suppression and donate--I suspect that would be the Southern Poverty Law Center, but maybe there's another organization working on this. Any ideas, flisties?

So keep in mind that most people will stand by and do nothing if the Trumpies come for us, but there are still more of us who are working to resist than there are Trumpies since Hillary did win the popular vote. Trump only represents 1/4 of our voting public, not nearly a half of the voters. I am really relieved that this could be the result of low turnout and apathy and not a surge of new voters coming out of the woodwork. The shadow is a passing thing. But only if we work to discourage more nonvoters to join his ranks.

Our best hope is that some of these nonvoters are surprised and horrified by Trump's win enough and all he and his minions do to horrify us all further that a few of them will come out and join us for midterm elections in 2018 and get rid of Trump and Pence in 2020.

Do not stop harping on the fact that Hillary won the popular vote every chance you get and a slim amount of voters could have changed the electoral vote. Every vote really does count. We only need a few of them to wake up out of their stupors to get our country back in 4 years. We need to keep ringing the alarms and help pull them out of bed.

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

The Worst of the US Prevails

There are so many horrible and deplorable white people and misogynists in this country and they won last night.

And let's not fall for the classist narrative that a lot of the press is upholding. Do not ignore that statistics show that the backbone of Trump's support is the same as Republicans have always had--wealthy people of varying education levels, mostly white men and the women who love and are related to them, and their only concern is to not pay taxes. They do not care who gets thrown under the bus as long as they keep all their stuff. They are supported by poor white people who hope to be them one day, but they are not the backbone--the wealthy and well off are and they are very quiet about what they are doing. They do not attend political rallies--they make phone calls and transfer money.

We have to go on and look out for each other and those more vulnerable than us. It's going to be harder still for a while. The fight continues.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Myriad, Leaves, Trump Thefts, and Clinton Accomplishments--what's not being told

Senator Hillary Clinton voted to create a law that closed a tax loophole that had allowed robber barons like Trump to steal money from the American people. Pass it on.

The NY Times published a decent article on Trump's taxes today--something the media has spent little enough investigative reporting on while they keep reporting on the faux email scandal, so it's time they did so. Where are the human interest stories of all the people who lost jobs and homes and health because Trump stiffed them and stole their labor by not paying them, the way he stiffed the American people by not paying his fair share of taxes? I call this theft on a massive scale.

But there's an important factoid buried in this article: it begins with Trump's claim that Clinton never did anything to stop people like him from being able to avoid paying these taxes. Guess what? It isn't until the end of the article that he is proved a liar in this allegation--Senator Clinton voted to close just that loophole. She did! Here's from the first and last paragraphs of the article:

Donald J. Trump proudly acknowledges he did not pay a dime in federal income taxes for years on end. He insists he merely exploited tax loopholes legally available to any billionaire — loopholes he says Hillary Clinton failed to close during her years in the United States Senate. “Why didn’t she ever try to change those laws so I couldn’t use them?” Mr. Trump asked during a campaign rally last month.

In any event, Mr. Trump can no longer benefit from the same maneuver. Just as Congress acted in 1993 to ban stock-for-debt swaps by corporations, it acted in 2004 to ban equity-for-debt swaps by partnerships.
Among the members of Congress who voted to finally close the loophole: Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

I understand the writers delayed presenting Hillary's vote to close the loophole to the end of the article to create a compelling narrative frame and clinch line at the end, which is piss poor journalistic writing! Between the first and last paragraph is an exploration of arcane tax law and many readers may not get to the important fact at the end.

This fact needed to be up front. Trump's repeated claim that Clinton did nothing about this tax law is a complete lie. She voted to close it. While Trump was hoodwinking us and his workers, Clinton was working to make things better for all of us. She did a good job. We need to let her keep doing a good job. Pass it on.

Then take a break and look at these pretty leaves I saw down by the lake here:


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Sunday, October 30th, 2016

October Surprise and what's Not being Reported

I'm reposting a long excerpt form Hillary's campaign chair John Podesta because what's going on with the new crap about the emails needs to be widely circulated, especially the last paragraph on Republican intimidation of the FBI:

Here's the quick backstory: In July, FBI Director James Comey concluded a year-long investigation by deciding not to go forward with any case about Hillary's emails. It wasn't even a close call, he said. In his words, "no reasonable prosecutor" would have brought charges.

Yesterday, in a surprise to us all, Comey wrote a very strange letter to Congress that was long on innuendo and short on facts. He said that in a completely separate investigation, the FBI had found some emails that may or may not be related to Hillary, and indeed may or may not be significant at all.

It's since been reported that these emails may not have even been sent by or to Hillary; that they weren't withheld by Hillary or the campaign in the earlier investigation; and most or even all of them may be duplicates of emails already in the FBI's possession.

It's being reported that Comey sent this letter over the objections of Department of Justice officials who told him that it was inconsistent with longstanding policy of both Democratic and Republican administrations not to take action that might impact an election. It's an unprecedented intrusion into a close presidential election with 10 days until Election Day.

But by being vague and obfuscating, Comey opened the door to conspiracy theories, Republican attacks against Hillary, and a surge of fundraising for Trump and his team. So this bears repeating: There is no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, and no indication that any of this even involves Hillary.

Voters deserve answers.

Comey needs to come clean with the American people about what he found and answer all the questions about why he took this unprecedented step less than two weeks before the election.

Here's what this changes for you and this campaign: Absolutely nothing.

Trump has spent more than a year trying to bully his way to the presidency. He's been browbeating the FBI (indeed, many have speculated that Comey took this extraordinary action in part to reduce the pressure on his agency that Trump's campaign and his Republican Congressional allies has been building up), leading crowds in chants of "lock her up," and even saying Hillary should be in prison -- and if he won, he'd put her there.

Please pass this on.

The thing with the whole email situation is federal email is not secure, period--don't forget last year's huge OPM breach. The technology is new and we're not up to keeping it secure--it's a game of whack a mole and will be for a long time, not because government is bad--it's just necessarily too large and wide-ranging to secure with all the agencies, departments, and contracting companies they have to go back and forth between and all the work that has to be done to keep servers communicating and myriad sources secure.

And everyone's email is all over the place--if any other government official was investigated like Hillary has been, they would be found wanting in confidentiality protocols as well. It's such a non-issue the Republicans have used to undermine her credibility and it is no reason to mistrust her, period.

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